Borosilicate glass vs soda lime glass

As a family, we are switching to glass baking dishes after the ceramic coating on our baking dishes started flaking off into our food. While the nonstick coatings enable easy cleaning, they are not designed to be ingested by us with the safety of many chemicals still unknown or labelled as possibly carcinogenic! So, why take the risk to our health? And, glass is oven, fridge, and freezer safe without the worry of flaking coatings or rust.

Upon looking into glass bakeware, there’s actually 2 main types of glass: soda lime glass and borosilicate glass. The ever prevalent glass, soda lime glass, is used in most baking dishes, glass ware, and even windows and light bulbs. The borosilicate glass is a more robust (which equals less likely to break if you drop it or bump it), specialised glass. Most often you see borosilicate glass in kitchen glassware labeled as Pyrex (TM) by Corning, Duran (TM) by Schott Glass, and Pyromax by Maxwell & Williams. Thus, we’ll be preferring borosilicate glass when available as I have a tendency to be clumsy when distracted by anything other than what I am preparing that moment.

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