What’s our purpose of this blog?

The aim of our blog is to provide a place to post recent learnings about fermentation and gut health related research and information. Everyday we are reading books, research studies, and learning from experts around the world about gut health and fermentation. The frontier of our gut microbiome is in its infancy regarding research with fascinating new findings occurring every day! What’s even more amazing is that more and more research is showing that many of today’s health challenges are directly related to our gut health, bring true the saying, “We are what we eat.” Sometimes this information is too “sciency” for some folks and wading through heaps of information may become too overwhelming for others. We hope that by sharing, we help you learn too about how to love life with more energy, lose extra weight, and avoid many of the diseases plaguing our modern day society.

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Me with my amazing husband holding our 7 wk old daughter

Creating awareness one post at a time.

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