Our Story

Wild Ferments grew out of a commitment to share the art of making delicious and health giving Fermented Vegetables and Kombucha with the world.

Gut health being central to overall health inspired us to seek out all foods contributing to gut and immune system healing and enhancing.

By adding Fermented Vegetables and Kombucha to our diet while also Cooking for our Gut Health, we quickly realised the many health benefits that this brought. Delighted by the variety of tastes, textures and interest that they added to every meal led to a passion for creating new ferment combinations to enhance flavours and delight taste buds.

Laura and Cameron from Wild Ferments

Wild Ferments exists to inspire better health for you and your family through interactive workshops using live foods that bring change from the inside out.

We provide you with take home practical solutions that allow you to go home and make gut healing foods with confidence. So come and learn an easy avenue to adding the beneficial bugs found in these great foods to your daily life.

We hope to inspire you…

not only to incorporate more of these incredible health restoring foods into your diet, but also to inspire a revolution to return to the ways of the old and wise. Check out our workshop sections and come and learn how to make these health delights for yourself along with practical recipes and tips for Cooking for your own Gut Health.

We know how inconvenient a poorly functioning gut can be, not to mention uncomfortable, painful or embarrassing. We have experienced the frustration of Giardia and Candida infections. Through trial and error, personal research, lots of money spent on probiotic supplements and digestive enzymes we arrived at time proven whole food remedies that we can make at home.

Perhaps this is where we find you, looking for answers to help with chronic inflammatory conditions or auto immune disorders like arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, brain fog, depression, anxiety etc.

Achieving good health is definitely a journey we should all embark on; every journey is unique.

While we believe in the benefits of supplements, we more firmly believe in the power of real food in its natural form to build health, save money and prevent the reliance on medications and antibiotics which are proven to be detrimental to our healthy gut population.

Laura and Cameron both come from a heritage of life on the land even though they grew up on opposite sides of the world.

Laura grew up in Georgia USA where she was raised by parents who are avid gardeners. Laura’s father, Dr Jim Pallas, now retired, was a highly respected plant physiologist who delivered many lectures across the globe. Laura followed in her father’s footsteps and also completed a PhD (food science). Laura studied the effect of different drying techniques on the antioxidant and sensory properties of blueberries. During her studies in the early 2000s, Laura developed a passion for health and wellness which was an up and down journey as she searched for foods to ease her IBS and fatigue. One afternoon she consumed an entire package/roll of Oreo’s and then looked at the nutrition information panel and was horrified at the amount of energy and sugar/fat she had consumed. Feeling guilty about what she was doing to her body, this was the awakening that her diet had to change but she wasn’t sure exactly what to do besides eat more salads and veggies and less desserts. She thought of food whether bored, sad, happy or frustrated; it was her friend but Laura constantly felt as though she needed to lose weight and desperately wanted more energy. In 2003, Laura suffered a double bout of Giardia which is an intestinal parasite that required 2 rounds of intense antiobiotics. After that, she couldn’t drink any milk products including yogurt without having terrible tummy and bowel pains. When she moved to California for her MSc in food science, she started triathlon training and that seemed to fuel her desire for food and sweets even more! Sometimes she would bake a cake and eat the entire cake without icing in one sitting and then feel guilty about the energy she’d just consumed and how many miles she’d have to run or ride to burn it off. It wasn’t until she learned about green smoothies upon her return to Georgia at the start of her PhD in 2006 that she began to feel better emotionally and physically. Her greatest health improvement happened when she finally finished her PhD, changed jobs, and reduced her stress at the end of 2011.

We now know that our gut bacteria influence our state of mind and largely cause the cravings that we have.

Without fermented foods, it took Laura a lot longer to change her gut bacteria to crave less sugar. Knowing what she does now, Laura would recommend everyone to have a small amount of fermented foods (even a tablespoon is beneficial!) at every main meal or at least once a day.

Laura came to Australia for adventure; her friends in the USA call her Laura the explorer. Since living in Australia for the last 7 years, she had made a significant contribution to the Australian food industry. Laura has helped develop lower sugar gluten free breakfast cereals and bars for Freedom Foods, rice cakes for SunRice Australia and most recently she was leading the rice chemistry lab with the Department of Primary Industries NSW. This involved working with a large team to develop rice varieties with natural breeding to better suit Australian conditions and consumer preferences. Working for these companies allowed for great learning experiences with amazing insights into the world of processed foods.

Then Laura met Cameron, a pomegranate grower and exercise physiologist.

They are now married and live on a Biodynamic Pomegranate Farm in northern Victoria near a small village named Barmah (close to Echuca).

Perhaps like you, Cameron and Laura have both faced their own health challenges. Perhaps also like you, they wanted to learn how to heal themselves and not become reliant on medications for the rest of their lives.

Interestingly enough, both their health challenges were gut related. Thankfully due to perseverance and some good teachers, they have overcome their health challenges and remain on the lookout for practices they can employ personally to maintain and improve their health and to share with family, friends and you.

Our goal is to empower you through workshops to make your own fermented beverages and foods to promote a healthy gut and feel great. We aim to provide straight forward instructions, a recipe book, opportunity for asking lots of questions and tasting so you go home inspired to try your own hand at fermentation and fresh ideas for improving your gut health.