Health Benefits & Frequently Asked Questions

Fermented foods are incredibly nutritious, health giving and delicious!

There is a link between live-culture foods and good health. The good bacteria present in living fermented foods contributes to restoring your gut health and therefore your overall health. Health experts recommends 3-4 serves of fermented foods daily.

Health Benefits of Fermented Veggies

Creates beneficial enzymes
Increases the vitamin content, including b-vitamins
Creates Omega-3 fatty acids
Contains various strains of probiotics
Improves digestion
Restores the proper balance of bacteria in the gut
Helps us to absorb the nutrients we’re consuming
Strengthens acidity of stomach
Prevents constipation
Stimulates peristaltic movement of the intestines
Improves blood circulation
Helps cleanse the blood
Supports natural resistance against infections
Strengthens the body’s immune system

Health Benefits of Kombucha

Assists Detoxification
Improves Joint Care
Aids Digestion
Improves Gut Health
Immune Boosting
Loaded with unique nutrients
Full of health giving enzymes
May help combats yeast infections e.g. Candida
Inhibits harmful bacteria, natural preservative
Contributes to healthy cell regeneration
Energising & Refreshing
Enhances the absorption of minerals
Contains glucosamines, for arthritis
Supports liver function
Supports nervous system function

Frequently Asked Questions

Are fermented veggies safe?

The FDA in the USA does not have one single reported case of illness due to fermented vegetables. In fact there doesn’t seem to be any reported cases of illness world-wide. Indeed rare for any food type.

Due to the selective environment created by the Lacto Bacilli the environment is not ideal for pathogenic bacteria therefore rendering Fermented Vegetables very safe! The high content of good bacteria creates a very stable environment.

Can I eat Wild Ferments cooked?

This will destroy the good bacteria but you will still get all the nutrient rich benefits of the fermented vegetables. So, it is completely possible to eat this cooked.

How long will Wild Ferments last in the fridge?

Un-opened - As long as the best before date indicates, however it will probably be good long past that date as well.

Opened – Once you have opened your Wild Ferments they will last in the fridge for several months. For the best outcome, keep the veggies pressed down. Over time the top layer may become darkened and dry out, this is still edible but may not suit everyone’s palate, just remove the top layer and the rest will still be fresh.

Can I eat Wild Ferments if I’m dairy/lactose intolerant?

Yes, absolutely! Lactic acid bacteria has no relation to dairy products (despite the name). Our products are lactose and dairy free.

Can I leave Wild Ferments out of the fridge?

If left out of the fridge the fermentation process will resume. After a few hours bubbles may develop in the jar and after a few days, the product may become softer and more sour. It is however best to store in the fridge.

There is a difference in taste & texture between the jars that I bought at different times.

Depending on the season produce varies considerably. The temperature at which the fermentation process takes place at will also create variety in taste, flavour, texture and colour.

There are bubbles in my fermented vegetables

That’s so exciting! Bubbles are a natural part of the fermentation process and means that your ferment is alive and well! The bubbles will disappear over time.

The onions, garlic and Brussel Sprouts brine is cloudy and has a white sediment at the bottom.

This is a natural and healthy by-product of the lactic acid fermentation. When the jar is moved this sediment may distribute through the jar but will settle again.

What do I do with the brine once I’ve eaten the onion, Brussel Sprouts, Garlic

Whatever you do, don’t throw this out! This is liquid gold.. You can either drink it, a tablespoon at a time. Use it to make a salad dressing or drizzle it over salad.. It’s delicious and full of probiotics.

Can I make my own fermented vegetables?

Sure can! Check out my workshop page on the website for details on how to learn.

I am pregnant and/or lactating are fermented vegetables safe to eat?

Fermented vegetables are safe to consume for everyone. Start small and increase as your body gets used to it.

How much Kombucha should I drink?

Start slowly as it has a detox effect on your body. Start with 50ml a day and flush with water until your detox (if any) symptoms subside, then increase to 100ml a day.